Trilateral Conference UNESCO Ports 20 June
09-06-2016 00:00:00

Trilateral Conference UNESCO Ports 20 June 2016


On the 20th of June a a working conference on the sustainability of the German, Danish and Dutch Wadden Sea Ports is organised by the Dutch Wadden Sea Harbours.


Central to the conference are a number of workshops on several issues and a panel discussion about the workshop results and recommendations for the future.


Supported by and participating in the panel discussion:

Mrs. Tineke Netelenbos, Chairman Dutch Wadden Sea Harbours

Mrs. Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary General, European Sea Port Organization

Mr. Co Verdaas, Chairman Wadden Sea Board


Subject of one of the workshops is Oil Recovery and will be hosted by the SRGH together with VHL and Rijkswaterstaat.


The conference aimes to:

  • Discuss the chances of ports neighbouring a World Heritage Site
  • Contirbute to the challenges of UNESCO ports
  • Get inspired by others
  • Develop cooperatively solutions for common dilemmas
  • Learn about the best practises of other Wadden Sea Ports
  • Get to know the new and fascinating innovations
  • Become familiair with Ecoport certification process
  • Make new contacts and extend network


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