Visits in May...
21-06-2016 00:00:00

May was a busy month, we have visited four of our members, click on image to enlarge.

At Van Gansewinkel Industrial Services we spoke with Rob Lippens and Thomas Nuwenhof (left image). They informed us about their activities, in the field of oil spill response as well as all the other specialised services they offer. The added value of a membership of the SRGH for van Gansewinkel Industrial Services is "Contact with other organisations in the branche and making a connection where possible".


At Koseq we spoke with Tom Achterberg, he told us passionately about combating small & large oil spills with the sweeping arm system and current developments and innovations within their business. Koseq is one of the founding members of the Spill Response Group Holland "Together you can accomplish more".


In Hendrik Ido Ambacht we visited Sens2Sea. Geert Mosterdijk (center image on the right) showed us the latest developments within their radar signal processing based solutions for oil spill detection and visualisation.


Our last visit in May we concluded very close to our own office in Den Helder at Imares but took al little longer then expected, we were in the middle of a fire drill. Robbert Jak (right image) explained to us how Imares is organised. The expertise of Imares is called upon by government as well as private companies in the field of applied marine enviromental research related to an ecological aspect. "Sound spill control, to preserve nature"



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