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In this section you will find a list of the members of the Spill Response Group Holland. You can either search by name, alphabeth or category. Do you want to join us as well? Please fill out the form here.


ASCC Group

Nijverheidsstraat 3, 1741 EL Schagen

Mrs Simone Luijendijk


+31 (0)6 1229 2303



Spill response - in control with ASCC

ASCC is an independent consultancy firm specialised in the field of spill response on inland waters, coastline and at sea. ASCC provides the skills as well as the tools to help you to prevent spills, to be prepared to react to spills, and to assist in case of spills  instantly when they occur in an efficient and user friendly but sophisticated manner.

Since 1989, ASCC Group specialized in spill prevention, preparedness, and response in the oil and gas industry. With an international focus we serve clients in production and  transport of oil, chemicals, and liquefied natural gas (LNG), and governmental and  supra national organisations (e.g. EMSA, REMPEC, UNEP).


Information and management system
ASCC has developed sophisticated decision and operational support tools and software to advise and support our clients. These tools are very useful in training courses as well as real accidents on oil spill response. Our software product is a SaaS web-based modular product called METIS. This system is next to a database, an information management system and a decision support system for industry and government agencies in the field of oil and chemical spill control. It consist of the following modules: • Resources - Database with Oil Spill treatment equipment with full details and location, output in geographical maps. • Tracksheet - Predict the track of oil spilled and take effecive and efficient counter measures, output in Google maps. • Oilsheet - Easily calculate amount of oil spilled, basis dimension and/or Bonn Agreement. Based on the large database with type and characteristics of oil predict fate like spreading and dispersion. • Chemsheet -User friendly aid in the process of translating a hazard assessment into orderly information for decision making. • Documents - Laws&Regulations, contingency plans, inspections, HSE.


Training spill response & crisis management
ASCC provides in-company and group training, with a focus on strengthening the knowledge and competences of all actors and people involved in spill response. Depending type, extensiveness of courses, and client demands, courses focus on strategical, tactical or operational level. All our spill response training is setup according to IMO guidelines.


ASCC covers research, development and consultancy in the fields of modelling,  trainin, impact assessment, and spill response technologies. ASCC has  extensive experience in the field of response and crisis management to oil spills and the effect of spills in the marine environment and has contributed significantly to  the knowledge (contingency plans) and methodologies (tools and software)  regarding the whole area of spill control. ASCC represents a high level of technical  and scientific expertise and has been involved in many major oil spills.


For more information contact Mrs. Simone Luijendijk directly at +31 (0 ) 6 1229 2303, or email info@asccgroup.com.


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