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In this section you will find a list of the members of the Spill Response Group Holland. You can either search by name, alphabeth or category. Do you want to join us as well? Please fill out the form here.


Foru-Solution B.V.

Lange Lijnbaan 1, 8861 NW Harlingen

Mr M. B. Sibinga


+31 (0)6 - 30 88 02 98



Is the offshore oil industry ready for change? We are!


Foru Solution B.V. is located in Harlingen, The Netherlands. Foru Solution wants to  develop preventive measures against pollution of our oceans worldwide and subsequent  damage to our maritime flora en fauna.


A key change in oil risk management
The FORU (Floating Oil Recovery Unit) is an oil recovery device, based on the  latest technical developments. It is not a skimmer but an adjustable down-draught ... Read more


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