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In this section you will find a list of the members of the Spill Response Group Holland. You can either search by name, alphabeth or category. Do you want to join us as well? Please fill out the form here.

NHL Hogeschool

NHL University of Applied Sciences

PO BOX 1080 8900 CB Leeuwarden

Ms S. Heins

s.heins@nhl.nl +31 (0)6 - 28 30 36 92


View from the oil Spill Simulator at the Willem Barentsz Institute, Terschelling


Contribute to the safety of maritime sectors and coastal regions

On December 1st 2008, the NHL University of Applied Science started the research group Maritime, Marine, Environment & Safety Management (MMES). The MMES  research group is led by Dr. Wierd Koops and is primarily intended as an (inter)  nationally recognizable portal for governments and maritime industries that seek  professional support in solving problems concerning disasters on the water. The MMES research group has a social mission to contribute to the safety of  maritime sectors and coastal regions, and is committed to the sustainable use of the seas and oceans. Within this mission, the activities focus on response to spills and other  calamities on water. The growing awareness for the protection of the maritime  environment, in particular the North Sea and Wadden Sea, have triggered requests for the development of new oil spill response tools.


Main task of the research group
The research group‘s main task is conducting practical research & development  and publishing the results arising from that research. Both within and parallel to these projects, a lot of research projects for students are initiated, also  in cooperation with different companies. Additionally, the research group  organizes symposia and courses. Some examples of research and development projects executed by the research group and/or our students: • Development of a method for Environmentally Safe Salvage of Containers and Packaging • Chempion: an app with information about the most transported chemicals, such as hazard profiles • Design of a remote controlled vessel for measurements in (potentially)  hazardous conditions • A decision tree for detection of lost packages on the sea floor • An Oil Spill Response manual and a Chemical Spill Response manual.


Oil & Chemical Spill Response course and Oil Spill Simulator
The research group offers a number of courses, the central themes are oil and chemical pollution at sea. Our main course is a five-day course Oil & Chemical Spill Response, for external parties, students, and lecturers. But we also have two-day courses about oil behavior in water and regulations and liability. Also a special course for crew members of oil spill response and support vessels has been developed. Contact us for up-to-date information on the annual courses as well as the possibility of following this course or a modified version ‘in-house’.


The Dutch Simulator Centre, located at Terschelling at the “Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz”, part of NHL University of applied science, is the oldest and most comprehensive facility in the NW Continental European region. In cooperation with “The association of Dutch ‘wet’ construction companies” and the  Norwegian company Kongsberg Maritime, the simulator was extended with an extra tool. The existing trailing-suction dredger simulator was redeveloped and modernized for cleaning oil spills. With this new oil spill simulator, multi- disciplinary oil spill response exercises can be accomplished in a realistic setting.

Visit our website www.nhl.nl/mmes for more recent information or contact  Ms. M. Zeinstra or Ms. S. Heins at +31 (0) 628 303 692, email mmes@nhl.nl.


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