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Tideman Boats

Tideman Boats B.V.

Nieuwendammerkade 28 C3, 1022 AB Amsterdam

Mr B. Tideman


+31 (0)6 29 200 517


Built to last!


Tideman Boats is manufacturer of high speed indestructible HDPE workboats. 10 dedicated craftsmen work in our factory in Opmeer and workshop in Middenmeer. The company started using HDPE as hull material in 2013 and have been innovating and developing since. Bruno Tideman the founder of the company has a technical background and comes from a family of Dutch shipbuilders since 1835.



Tideman Boats range from 6 to 12m in open of cabin layout. We can provide different propulsion systems like diesel water jet, sterndrive or outboard in single or twin installations. The layout of each model can be tailor made to meet customers requirements. Together we design the best solution for your specific task.



HDPE as hull material has many advantages: impact resistant, light weight, completely inert to chemicals, no corrosion or aging, limited marine growth, easy to repair and 100% recyclable;. It has the mechanical properties to deal with the most difficult conditions: arctic, tropical, shallow and rocky shores.


Oil Spill Response Craft

We are now developing a dedicated oil spill response craft with the following features:

  • HDPE hull designed to class BV/DNV
  • Easy transport and storage, trailarable and containerable for quick deployment
  • Diesel water jet propulsion, safe to operate in oil loading areas, excellent manouvering and towing capabilities.
  • High speed for quick response
  • Deployment of 400m oil screens which can be taken on board, high payload
  • Oil skimmer with holding tank integrated in the hull

For more information about our products, visit our websites www.tidemanboats.com or contact us by telephone +31 (0) 6 29 200 517 or email info@tidemanboats.com.



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