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  • TRISTAR Industries Group
  • TRISTAR Industries Group

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TRISTAR Industries Group

Tristar Industries Nederland B.V.

Ettenseweg 34, 4706 PB Roosendaal


+31 (0)88-5880100



Cleaning chemicals : Our passion your solution

The TriStar Group develops, manufactures and delivers responsible and  environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products to the European markets.

Our current customer base includes local authorities, the Directorate General for  Public Works, Water Management, cleaning and the chemical industry.


Reliable & stand-by 24/7
Economic, commercial and especially ecological risks require an immediate  solution. Thanks to our expertise in cleaning chemicals TriStar is able to deliver the products and emergency support needed to solve and prevent ecological  disasters. This includes soot clean-up and spills due to accidents and spills on land and water.


Products for the shipping industry
Especially for the shipping industry, TriStar has compiled a product range which is approved by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). These products can be used for On-shore and Off-shore applications.


IMO approved products

  • TriStar Super Cleaner Y-SP 2 
  • TriStar Steamer 130 HD en Steamer 140 HD 
  • TriStar AC Clean 1 JT 
  • TriStar AC Clean 24 
  • TriStar Liquid 35 NF 
  • Air-O-Gone 1

CEFAS certified products 

  • Eco Rig Wash HD-E 
  • Eco Well Clean LF
    These products are also registrated with the Danish and Norwegian authorities.  They are hallmarked as entirely harmless to the environment.


• 365 days a year • 7 days a week • 24 hours a day

Would you like to get in touch with us immediately?  Call +31 (6)1442 4924 or  email us at info@tristargroup.org, our team is at your disposal - 24/7!


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