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Wageningen UR / Imares

PO BOX 17 6700 AA Wageningen

Ms T. Murk


+31 (0)317 - 48 32 33



IMARES, research for strategic and applied marine ecology

IMARES (Institute for Marine Resources  and Ecosystem Studies) is the Netherlands  research institute established to provide the scientific support that is essential for developing policies and innovation in respect of the marine environment, fishery  activities, aquaculture and the maritime sector. IMARES Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) conducts research with the aim of acquiring knowledge and offering advice on the sustainable management and use of marine and coastal areas.

Identifying, prioritising and mitigating ecological and environmental impacts is the essence of our work.


Ecology and Maritime Technology
We test and assess sustainable technologies, together with businesses, to provide an overview of the impact on ecosystems. In the search for sustainability, IMARES focuses on innovations and builds an international network. The institute has an established reputation in risk assessment and sensitivity studies. By making use of extensive databases, predictive behaviour models and specific methods we quantify the environmental risks of accidental spills of oil and chemicals in terms of the probability and extent of spills and their  subsequent ecological effects. Based on extended ecological knowledge and geophysical characteristics we assess the ecological sensitivity of areas to oil pollution. Additionally, social and economic areas can be defined and classified on the basis of their sensitivity for oil pollution. Other expertise further includes the development and evaluation of contingency plans, and evaluation of oil spill combatment methods. IMARES has unique experimental facilities including  outdoor marine and fresh water basins and indoor climate rooms to test  chemicals such as demulsifiers, dispersants, gelling agents, etc. A chemical lab is dedicated to the analysis of organic compounds in water, sediment and biota.  Biological and chemical field monitoring is applied to predict and evaluate the ecological and economical damage of spills and combatment methods. 


In relation to oil spills and combatment IMARES conducts research in the  following areas: 

  • Prevention (Risk assessment, Sensitivity studies) 
  • Preparation (Contingency planning, Strategy studies, Oil spill response equipment evaluation, Chemical testing) 
  • Response (Spill control advice, Hazard assessment, Response evaluation,  Impact studies, Chemical analysis)

We collaborate with fellow research specialists from partner institutes in the Netherlands and abroad. As part of Wageningen UR, IMARES has also close ties with Wageningen University. 

Would you like to get in contact with IMARES directly? Please contact +31 (0)317 – 48 32 33.

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