SRGH visits IOSC 2017 in the US
18-05-2017 00:00:00

Representatives from the SRGH are visiting the 2017 IOSC conference in Long Beach USA. The IOSC conference is one of the oil spill response dedicated triennial events, next to Interspill (Europe) and Spillcon (Asia).


Edwin Stolk (chairman) and Mark van der Meer (member of the board) visit the IOSC conference to represent Dutch companies supplying equipment, services and expertise for all aspects of marine, inland water and coastal pollution control worldwide.


They meet with industry, government and port authiorities to explore collaboration and possible leads, showing the potention and know-how of SRGH members in Holland, operating world-wide.


Meetings with the members of the steering comitee of Interspill 2018 have been set up to see how we as SRGH can participate or contribute to this event taking place in London 2018 from March 13-15.


Please have a look at the gallery for an impression of the visit to IOSC 2017


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