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The Spill Response Group Holland

Since 2005, the Spill Response Group Holland represents Dutch companies and organizations supplying equipment, services and expertise for all aspects of marine, inland waters and coastal pollution control worldwide.


Our aims and objectives:

  1. To represent Dutch Companies supplying equipment, services and expertise for all aspects of marine and coastal pollution control worldwide

  2. Through the SRGH-brochure and SRGH-website to give worldwide users information and immediate access to the facilities/expertise of SRGH Members

  3. To promote and organize exhibitions, conferences, training and other activities as required by the Members

  4. To promote exchange of information between SRGH Members in the field of oil and chemical spill response

  5. To provide optimal services in case of a real spill or worldwide request for assistance

Members are:

  • Manufacturers of response equipment and materials

  • Response organizations

  • Oil disposal contractors

  • Research organizations

  • Consultancy companies

  • Universities, technical institutes

  • Training providers

  • Salvage companies

  • Shipbuilding companies

  • Oil Recovery vessel operators

  • Central, regional and local Governmental organizations

Associated Members include:
Rijkswaterstaat, the department within the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in the Netherlands responsible for preparedness and response to accidental spills on inland waters, the coast and the North Sea. Rijkswaterstaat exchanges and shares information on experience and developments with the SRGH members.


The Port of Rotterdam, together with the SRGH and the Port Authority ensure a safe and clean port. The policy of the Port Authority is to minimise danger, nuisance and economic damage to port users and the environment.


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