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In this section you will find a list of the members of the Spill Response Group Holland. You can either search by name, alphabeth or category. Do you want to join us as well? Please fill out the form here.

Braveheart Marine

Braveheart Marine B.V.

De Meer 9, 8321 MT Urk

Mr J. Hakvoort


+31 (0)527 - 68 38 39



High performance through flexabIe service and innovation

Braveheart Shipping, a maritime company based in Urk, The Netherlands, is  specialized in hydrographical studies, bottom surveys, crew transfers and offshore  windmill inspections, using drones and sub sea oil spill detection services.


Survey and Control for the Port of Rotterdam
In 2005, the Port of Rotterdam NV, awarded Braveheart Shipping a contract to survey and control all their dredging and sand suppletion works for the extension of the Europort harbor, its additional 2000 hectares, “Maasvlakte 2” project, near Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Due to the professionalism of Braveheart Shipping, the use of state of the art  survey and hydrographical equipment, the type of survey vessels chosen for this land reclamation project in the North Sea and the seamanship of the crew has been recognized very satisfactory by the Port of Rotterdam.


National and International marine services
Braveheart Shipping is proud to provide marine services to a large number of nationally and internationally well-known dredging and offshore companies and our vessels are working now worldwide in places like, Mumbai (India), Kara Sea (Russia), Caspian Sea, Grimsby (UK), Suez Canal (Egypt) The North Sea, the Dutch Waddenzee and the IJsselmeer.

Expanding the scope of work even further, Braveheart Shipping  established with our  USA based company Braveheart Marine USA, Inc. a joint venture with T&T Marine Salvage Inc., of Galveston, Texas, USA, T&T Braveheart LLC, for its  offshore and salvage work surveys and sub sea oil spill detection operations.

BP USA commissioned a project to T&T Braveheart LLC. The project consisted of detection oil with hydrographic survey equipment. Due to the oil spill by BP in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 with Deep Horizon oil rig.


Wind Farm support division
Because of the increasing requirements for dedicated crew transfer vessels to support the activities of offshore Wind Farms, Braveheart Shipping  established  the  dedicated Wind Farm support division, based at our offices in Urk and  Eemshaven  to serve the Wind Farm Industry even better and more efficiently.

Get in touch with our headoffice in Urk by phone +31 (0)527 683 839, or email info@braveheartshipping.com. Contact the Crew Tender Service Eemshaven, at +31 (0) 596 768 110, or email eemshaven@braveheartshipping.com


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