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Damen Shipyards Gorinchem

Industrieterrein Avelingen West 20, 4202 MS Gorinchem

Mr L. van Os


+31 (0)183 - 63 91 19


Damen Oil Recovery Vessel 8313 Arca, photo courtesy of Rijkswaterstaat


We offer you a broad range of proven pollution control vessels

Track record
Since 1969 Damen has delivered more than 5,000 vessels. On average we deliver around 150 vessels a year and we always keep more than 150 hulls in stock to ensure a short delivery time. Each year we complete more than 1,000 repair jobs.


Damen’s unique shipbuilding concept is based on what our customers want:  the best quality, proven designs, short delivery time, low maintenance and  excellent resale value. The result is a work method with the perfect balance  between standardisation and custom-built vessels. And of course we offer a broad range of customer services.


Shipbuilding activities
Damen’s shipbuilding activities include a wide range of products, such as:

  • Pollution control vessels (oil containment, oil recovery, debris collection) and fire-fighting vessels. 
  • Workboats needed for the wide variety of tasks in ports and harbours, such as tugs and pilot boats. 
  • Offshore vessels, including salvage tugs, buoy laying vessels and safety standby vessels. 
  • Dredging equipment and dredging vessels, together with a range of dredging support vessels.

Most of our vessels can be adapted to support environmental protection and clean-up operations by fitting specialized equipment.


Shipbuilding kits
One of our services is Damen Technical Cooperation, which enables our  customers to build their Damen vessel locally, anywhere in the world. We provide our clients with a prefabricated shipbuilding kit and can, on request, combine this with expert assistance, training and backup.

For more information on our company, capabilities, products & services please visit our website www.damen.com or contact Mr. L. van Os directly,  workboats@damen.com , +31 (0) 183 639 119.


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