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In this section you will find a list of the members of the Spill Response Group Holland. You can either search by name, alphabeth or category. Do you want to join us as well? Please fill out the form here.

Hebo FTE B.V.

Hebo FTE B.V.

De Hoogt 25, 5175 AX Loon op Zand

Mr Jan van Loon


+31 (0)6 - 3040 5343



Hebo FTE BV is a Dutch based company specialized in the production and the distribution of oil spill response products.


Accidental fuel or oil spills on land, in a harbour or a public waterway can result in substantial fines and cleanup costs. Oil spills can be divided into two categories:

- minor time consuming maintenance such as the cleaning of fuel pumping or equipment areas,

- or major safety and environmental problems.


Hebo polyproylene absorbent products were developed to attack spills quickly and efficiently. We ... Read more

HEBO Maritiemservice B.V.

HEBO Maritiemservice B.V.

Stouweweg 17-19, 8064 PD Zwartsluis

Mr S. van 't Land


+31 (0)612740979



An oil spill? HEBO Maritiemservice will handle it!


HEBO Maritiemservice is widely known to be a professional and reliable oil spill response company. Our well-trained ‘Oil Spill Response Teams’ make use of the best equipment and have a real hands-on mentality. And even more important: they are always prepared to tackle even the biggest oil spills.


Reliable & stand-by 24/7
HEBO’s professionals are ready around the clock , 365 days year. In order to be abl... Read more

Hytrans Systems B.V.

Hytrans Systems B.V.

Lemsterpad 56

8531 AA, Lemmer

t +31 (0) 514-562415

E: sales.hfs@hytrans.com

FORU by Hytrans®

Hytrans Systems B.V. in the Netherlands helps emergency response organizations all over the world to fight the impact of oil spills and large-scale fires.

The FORU oil skimmers of Hytrans® are the best in the world at cleaning up oil spills, also in rough water conditions. They are robust, easy to deploy, and provide a high recovery capacity and efficiency. The simple weir-type skimmer can be deployed within minutes of the incident and can be operated by every skill level. The FOR... Read more


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