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Keurmeesterstraat 1 2984 BA Ridderkerk

Mr T. Achterberg


+31 (0)180 - 48 78 93



Dutch innovation in combating oil pollution

The development of the rigid sweeping arm system started over forty years ago in  cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat (part of Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment). This unique sweeping arm technology proved to be the most effective recovery method in big offshore oil spills. Not only the Dutch Coast Guard uses  Koseq sweeping arms, but for example the Spanish and German Coast Guards and EMSA equally deploy vessels equipped with our rigid sweeping arms. Based on the same technology Koseq has developed The Compact 502 and VOS system.

Koseq is a developer, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of unique  mechanical oil spill recovery equipment and customized solutions.


Koseq Rigid sweeping arm systems
Koseq is the inventor of the Rigid Sweeping Arm System, a dynamic method to  respond to oil spill incidents offshore with proven results worldwide like the Erika, Prestige and Macondo oil spills. Where other methods fail in open seas due to hard winds or high waves, the sweeping arms of our systems continue to  recover large quantities of oil. Vessels equipped with sweeping arms can work alone: no support vessels are required. Based on the same concept Koseq developed several other types of equipment: • Koseq Compact 502 - containerized all-in-one system • Koseq Victory Oil Sweeper® (VOS) -  adjustable V-shaped sweeping arm system


Koseq Compact 502 containerized oil recovery system
The modular innovative  patented all-in-one Koseq Compact 502 containerized system is easy transportable, easy to install and very quickly operable. The unit has the dimensions of a 20ft ISO container and comprises a 5 meter Compact Rigid Sweeping Arm, a hydraulic marine knuckle boom crane, a diesel driven  hydraulic power pack and an operator console. Only a tank to store the recovered oil is needed. 

The compactness enables the oil spill responder to have either this system on board or transport the Compact 502 to the Vessel of Opportunity to deploy and start operations immediately.


Koseq Victory Oil Sweeper® (VOS)  adjustable V-shaped sweeping arm
Continuous research and design improvements based on practical experiences resulted in a new system. The patented Koseq Victory Oil Sweeper®  (VOS)  consists of two angle adjustable arms with the oil collection chamber in between and has all the advantages of the existing Koseq rigid sweeping arm systems. The VOS is a multifunctional unit, as it can also be equipped with a conveyor belt for debris clean-up.  

Do you want more information about our equipment? Contact Tom Achterberg directly by telephone +31 (0)180 487 893 or email design@koseq.com.


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