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MRD marinesupport

MRD marinesupport

Schulpweg 167, 3084 NG Rotterdam

Mr Mark van der Meer


+31 6 5364 2132


Pollution prevention, incident response & marine services

MRD marinesupport is specialized in incident response as well as prevention. Thanks to our broad knowledge and experience, we are able to respond fast and adequately to all marine-related emergencies. Is there a problem on board of your vessel or at your terminal? Call us for advice and support. We are at your disposal 24/7 and are always available.



On a vessel or at a terminal there regularly are chemicals, oil and other hazardous material in stock. Both for the protection of your employees and the environment preventing of incidents is key. And when calamities unfortunately do take place, it is of paramount importance  that your employees know how to take swift and adequate action to respond safely to an incident. We are specialists in providing training in the field of pollution prevention as well as incident response.


Spill response articles

Alongside giving training and support to companies, we supply a wide range of spill response articles of the highest quality: sweeping arms, spill kits and cleaning products. We value innovation highly and therefore we are continuously working on the development of new products and improvement and  optimization of existing products.


Incident response

Following years of experience and with the aid of an extensive network as well as the availability of a variety of owned equipment MRD marinesupport is able to assist in the responding to incidents resulting in marine pollution on short notice.

Our services range from e.g. organizing and leading first line response to the preparation of plans of action, contacts with relevant authorities and consultancy.

For these services we offer 24/7 availability.



Would you like to make an appointment with MRD marine support? Do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation. We are happy to assist with our services and advise. Are you confronted with a marine related incident? We are 24/7 available to assist and support you with our material, our experience and advise.




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