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Oil Control Systems

Oil Control Systems

Jeroen Brummelkamp
Oil Control Systems B.V.
De Hoogt 25
5175 AX Loon op Zand

+31 (0)174 - 28 16 75



A solution for every liquid pollution

Oil Control Systems is a dynamic company specialized in delivery of a complete  programme of Oil- and Chemical pollution clean-up equipment & services.

We are a small & hard-working company who represent brandnames like Desmi  Ro-Clean, Elastec American Marine, Brady SPC, Fastank, Imbiber Beads, Oil Gator,  Enpac, Eccotarp and many others.


Website - Online Shop
Our website is an online shop and we sell too much products to mention, below an indication of the productgroups from which you can choose multiple products:

  • aDsorbents & aBsorbents ( do you know the difference ?? – we do !! ) 
  • Biodegradable Cleansers 
  • In Situ Soil Bioremediation 
  • Oilbooms 
  • Oilskimmers 
  • Oil / Water detection
  • Filtration Systems 
  • Safety cabinets 
  • Drip pans 
  • Silt Screen Systems 
  • Floaters for hose/pipe/cable

You should see for yourself and check our website www.oilcontrolsystems.com.


Chemical spills
Oil Control Systems has a solution for combating many types of Chemical spills by using specialized aBsorbtion products (with or without the use of Oil Booms or our fabricated Silt Screen Systems) to pick up and filter the polluted waterarea. This combination of using different kind of products enables us to be more  successfull in this field than before.


Please visit our website to learn more about our products. Would you like to get in touch with us immediately? We speak Dutch, English and German. Please contact Mr. D.A. van der Mout by telephone via +31 (0)174 281 675 or info@oilcontrolsystems.com.


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