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Sens2Sea B.V.

Grotenoord 47, 3341 LT Hendrik Ido Ambacht

Mr. G. Mosterdijk


+31 (0) 78 681 5511


Monitoring the seas surface

Sens2Sea is a privately owned company established in July 2013. Our team combines decades of experience in radar signal processing based on the original mathematics (since 1984) for analysis of water-waves through radar reflection. Our newly designed Sens2Sea system is based on state of the art electronics, resulting in an improved image quality, higher spatial resolution and a wider area for data collection. Sens2Sea is located in Hendrik Ido Ambacht in the Netherlands.
Radar waves reflected from the sea surface are a valuable source of information. 
They are governed by the sea surface roughness, which, in turn, is determined by the wind, waves, oil-slick contamination, and even by topographic features of the sea bottom. 
The Sens2Sea system is connected to a radar sensor and so extracting this information. With Sens2Sea, it is possible to conduct continuous surveillance, 
producing time-series of images. Sens2Sea can be operated where types of continuous surveillance are not feasible or too costly. Time series of an area are particularly useful for feature tracking and monitoring. For example, tracking the movement of small vessels.
Time series also contain valuable information about the statistical properties of the sea surface, making it possible to enhance the detection capability for small targets in the clutter dominated environment in the vicinity of the Radar.
Small objects, such as rubber boats, buoys, floating debris can be detected and tracked even in a high sea state.
Oil spill detection
High resolution images are available from the Sens2Sea system.
Only three litres of oil at the wave surface is enough to be detected by the Sens2Sea oil spill detection system, allowing for a quick response.


Several fit for purpose options exist, please contact us for more information by telephone via +31 (0) 78 681 5511 or email info@sens2sea.com.



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