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Van Heck

Van Heck B.V.

Ambachtsstraat 2, 8391 VK Noordwolde

Mr J. van Heck


+31 (0) 561 431 739


Moving water any way you want it

Van Heck operates on an international level in the field of watermanagement and movement. With its diversity in pump units, Van Heck operates from dredging, salvage and offshore operations to sewer renovation and cool water applications. Every operation can be customized to meet the wishes of the client and the project’s demands.


In 2012, Van Heck started to use its proven expertise in water pumps to develop a new, innovative system for “green and easy oil recovery”, the Sea Trophy. This oil pump enables fast oil recovery out of fuel or cargo tanks if a ship is in distress or when incorrect fueling has taken place. The aim of the Sea Trophy is to provide the ship with the ability to recover the fuel or cargo tank’s content in case of an emergency, when no other on-board equipment can help. An emergency response kit has been assembled consisting of a complete set of tools and accessories including the Sea Trophy hydraulically driven pump, capable of pumping oil with a flow of 70 m3/h. 


Van Heck is active in the offshore and maritime industry and constantly innovating and developing its fleet. Van Heck’s equipment is designed and built on their own premises. Van Heck operates world-wide from the Netherlands and Singapore.


Equipment for ballast operations
Van Heck’s ballast equipment is specifically designed for load-outs and float-overs, and ideally suited for salvage operations. The completely autonomous ballast and deballast system can be entirely controlled from a central point and has a total capacity of over 40,000 tons per hour.


Van Heck’s capabilities in this field:
Load-out: Supply a complete ballast system, including (ballast) engineering and operation, to load a construction from the shore onto a barge.
Float-over/mating: Supply a complete ballast system, including engineering and operation, to install a platform on the offshore location.
Jet trenching: Supply pumps to jet in cables on the ocean floor.

For less complicated operations a mini ballast and/or manually controlled system can be supplied.


For more information about Van Heck, please visit our websites www.vanheckgroup.com or www.seatrophy.com or contact Van Heck by telephone +31 (0) 561 431 739 or by email info@vanheckgroup.com.


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