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In this section you will find a list of the members of the Spill Response Group Holland. You can either search by name, alphabeth or category. Do you want to join us as well? Please fill out the form here.


Ardent Global B.V.

Westerduinweg 3, 1976 BV IJmuiden

Mr P. van’t Hof


+31 (0)6 - 22 51 84 63



Safety and support at sea

Since 1833, Ardent has provided safety and support at sea. With 4,000 employees, a fleet of more than 450 vessels and operations all over the world, we are the global market leader within towage and emergency response. 

With a worldwide track record of over 350+ successful emergency response and wreck removal cases over the last 15 years, Ardent is able to serve the maritime industry with unparalleled emergency response coverage,  including dedicated Svitzer salvage professionals stationed... Read more


AdviSafe Risk Management B.V.

Koperslagersweg 23 1786 RA Den Helder

Mr J. Michelhoff


+31 (0)223 - 54 00 00




Specialist in risk and crisis management

For more than 30 years AdviSafe supports organisations in achieving a safe and healthy work environment. From our experience we have learned that improving  safety and health at work will contribute to the quality and productivity of your  organisation. Consciously focusing on that, as well as fully including Crisis  Management in your company processes, will not only prevent incidents and damage, but will enable you to work on your b... Read more


ASCC Group

Nijverheidsstraat 3, 1741 EL Schagen

Mrs Simone Luijendijk


+31 (0)6 1229 2303



Spill response - in control with ASCC

ASCC is an independent consultancy firm specialised in the field of spill response on inland waters, coastline and at sea. ASCC provides the skills as well as the tools to help you to prevent spills, to be prepared to react to spills, and to assist in case of spills  instantly when they occur in an efficient and user friendly but sophisticated manner.

Since 1989, ASCC Group specialized in spill prevention, preparedness, and response in the oil and gas industry. With an international focus we... Read more


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