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The Spill Response Group Holland represents a selection of private companies, governmental, research, and academic organizations active in the maritime sector with a focus on spill prevention, preparedness, response and control for all aspects of marine, inland waters and coastal pollution control worldwide. In recent years Spill Response Group Holland members have proven their skills across the globe and have become international leaders in their fields of expertise. Members include manufacturers of spill response equipment and materials, spill response organizations, oil disposal contractors, consultancy companies, R&D institutes, training providers, salvage companies, contractors and shipbuilding companies.


Interspill 2021 naar Amsterdam!
Interspill 2021 naar Amsterdam!

Dates to be announced soon.

Bezoek Spill Experience tijdens de Wereldhavendagen!
Bezoek Spill Experience tijdens de Wereldhavendagen!

Georganiseerd door de leden van de SRGH!


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Spill Response Group Holland has joined forces with...
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We zijn zeer verheugd om mee te kunnen delen dat Intersp...
05-11-2018 00:00:00
Helaas hebben we afgelopen week het trieste bericht ontva...


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