On behalf of the Spill Response Group Holland members, we have the great pleasure to attend on the capabilities of the Dutch companies working in the field of oil and chemical spill response at sea, on the coast and on inland waters. The Spill Response Group Holland (SRGH) has been set up officially on the 7th of October 2005. Spill Response Group Holland (SRGH) association represents Dutch Companies supplying equipment, services and knowlegde for all aspects of marine, inland waters and coastal pollution control.

Today the association exists of 20 members and represents all oil and chemical spill response fields. These include manufacturers of response equipment and means, service organizations, oil disposal organizations, consultancy companies, R&D institutes, training institutes, salvage companies, contractors and shipbuilding companies. Over the past years the individual SRGH members have proven their skills across the globe and have become of national and international significance in their fields of expertise. 

The Spill Response Group Holland is supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, department Rijkswaterstaat responsible for preparation and response of accidental spills on inland waters, the coast and the North Sea in the Netherlands. Together with the Port of Rotterdam they are and associated member of the SRGH and exchange information on experiences and new developments within the group.

Each member of the Spill Response Group Holland can provide worldwide services or products in case of a real spill or request for assistance.

Edwin Stolk
Chairman SRGH
Tom Achterberg
Secretariat SRGH
Andre van der Mout
Financials SRGH
Frank Kleissen
member SRGH counsil

Mark van der Meer mark@osrt.nl      Hebo Maritime Services BV
member SRGH council