Introduction of oil spill system Harbo Technologies at HEBO
06-11-2017 00:00:00

Introduction and demonstration of the System in Rotterdam


Last friday the oil spill blocking system developed by Harbo Technologies from Israel, was demonstrated to us in Rotterdam, facilitated by HEBO Maritiem Service at their site.  


The system is mounted on a boat built by Tideman Boats and as such, in this configuration, it is a collaboration of three companies, of which two are member of the Spill Response Group Holland.


We were impressed by the quick and easy deploy of the system, making it possible to respond swiftly in case of an oil spill. This is crucial to prevent an oil spill from becoming un-manageable and disastrous. Making it an excellent tool for first line response. Because of its compact size and being very leigt in weight (one person can lift a box with 25 m in it) it  is within reach of many ships, private organisations and authorities to have this ready on their location.


- Ports and marinas

- Oil terminals, Pipeline terminals interfacing with body water bodies

- Sensitive Coastal Areas

- Around tanker traffic routes

- Protecting remote communities

- Coastal infrastructure facilities

- Recreational and touristic beaches

- High-risk wildlife reserves

- Tankers

- Oil rigs

- Cargo, Freighters, Cruise ships

- Marine Agriculture

- Coast-guard and navy


For more information, please visit the website: .


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